Heybridge Basin and Coronavirus

Heybridge Basin has a large number of retired residents as you would expect from a waterside Village, it also not surprising therefore, that it also has a number of high risk residents.

If you are planning to visit our Village during this difficult time for all of us, please follow Government advice. Please observe the 2m rule. Our paths can be narrow but with care this rule can be observed.

Please observe guidance on hygiene. Seating outside of our pubs has been removed or stacked up to safeguard residents and visitors. Our pubs and cafe are closed and there are no toilet facilities. We do not have facilities for large amounts of waste so please take yours home for disposal.

We thank you in advance for your consideration for our residents and stay safe.

Heybridge Basin Parish Council Update

On the 14th of February Maldon District Council Members voted to approve the recommendation that a new Civil Parish and Parish Council be created.

That Approval starts a formal process to create a Heybridge Basin Parish Council. The Referendum Team that has been working on behalf of the Village now has to produce a Budget for the new Parish and that needs to ready by the 1st August 2019.

That is only part of the work that the Team will be doing over the next year, to ensure that by next May every thing is in place for elections to the New Parish Council.

Heybridge Basin Regatta – 6th & 7th July 2019

Here we are again as I write this the Regatta committee is making the final arrangements for this year’s regatta. The date for this year is fixed by the tide and only one serves us during June and July. A reminder that for a waterside community it is nature who calls the shots in many things that effect our community. You will see the inshore lifeboat come up to the Basin from West Mearsea on Saturday. When mother nature flexes her muscles at sea it will be these boys and girls that will answer the shout, so please give them a warm welcome.

There have been a few  changes in the Basin, the new lock gate appears to be working now, albeit you have to look hard to see it moving. But it is a wonder of modern technology. Our lockkeeper stands before a control panel that would not look out of place on the Starship Enterprise. I think the old one had two paddle handles and a switch!

Next to this wonder stands the turning post. When a ship entered the lock a rope was passed round this to slow the vessel down. These two attempts by man to control the sea are centuries apart but we hope both will serve us well if needed in emergency.

Apart from this little has  changed on the the surface however, behind the scenes the Basin moves slowly to becoming a Parish Council in its own right. This is recognition, if needed, that our community is unique and has its own identity. There are many Basiners who are no longer with us but with their larger than life character started to put the bricks of our new Parish in place.

I can see them raising a glass in Fiddlers Green with The words “about time Bor”!

Thank you for buying this programme and I hope you enjoy the Regatta weekend.

Keith Lawson, HBRA Chairman.

Village Defibrillators

We had a fantastic response from the village when we started fundraising, initially for one defib. There was soon enough money raised for 2 defibs, a training defib, electrical installation of both & running costs. Amazing!

Both up & running now, sited outside the Jolly Sailor pub & outside the community hall attached  to St George’s church.

Training underway for villagers who wish to take part. First session last Tuesday 8 people attended. These were people from Blackwater Close, Burswood & Harfred Avenue. Leaflets going out with further evenings planned doing a few roads at a time.

The ambulance service are aware of the defibs so if needed members of the general public can access the defib by ringing 999.

They will then be given the code to the box.

The generous donations were from:

  • The Basin Oars
  • Heybridge Basin Sailing Association
  • Heybridge Basin Regatta Committee
  • CRS Marine
  • Wilkins Tea room at the Lock
  • The Chelmer and Blackwater Canal Co
  • First Responders
  • Row 4 A Reason
  • Heybridge Basin Conservation Society
  • Heybridge Parish Council
  • The Blackwater Show


Four Days left to help to seek Heybridge Basin’s own council

For those wanting to give a response to Maldon District Council in regards to Heybridge Basin being granted as it’s own Parish and Council we have provided a link to the Maldon District Website topic.

It is largely up to the village residents to demonstrate that you would or wouldn’t want to continue to seek your own council.

Replies are due by 14th December so don’t delay if you have an opinion and email: committee.clerk@maldon.gov.uk

Maldon Council Document can be found here:

Community Governance Review for Heybridge Basin – Terms Of Reference And Local Consultation

The District Council is carrying out a Community Governance Review for Heybridge Basin. The area involved forms the Basin Ward of the Parish of Heybridge.

This follows a petition from local residents seeking to establish a separate Parish for that area and for it to be served by a separate Parish Council (instead of Heybridge Parish Council).

The Review is a public consultation providing an opportunity for local people and other stakeholders to give a view.  The Review will not only look at what the petition seeks to create but will also take into account the implications of any change on the existing electoral and administrative arrangements.

The Terms of Reference document for the Review on which the local consultations are based has been published here and can be inspected at the offices of the Maldon District Council at Princes Road, Maldon and at the offices of Heybridge Parish Council at Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, Heybridge.




To be held at St. George’s Church hall on Wednesday 7th November.

From 1:30pm to 3:30pm and 7:30pm to 9:30pm.


  1.  Update on the referendum progress
  2.  Volunteers and nominations for Referendum Team Members
  3.  Any questions

If you are unable to attend but have some questions, please contact:-

Keith Lawson

Lew Schnurr

The letter sent from Maldon District Council regarding the Review for Heybridge Basin to become it’s own parish, sent to The Occupiers.

The document you need to look at which has been complied by Stuart Jennings, Corporate Governance Project Officer at Maldon District Council, who is charge of the review for us to become our own parish.

The document can be found here.

You need to refer to page 7 in order to make a representation (you’re view point as to why we should be our own council). These need to be received by 4:30pm on 14th December. They need to be made in writing to Stuart Jennings, Corporate Governance Project Officer, Maldon District Council, Princes Road, Essex CM9 5DL or email committee.clerk@maldon.gov.uk.

Thank you so much.

May & Butcher

Walk past the tea room along the sea wall, which was constructed in 1808 replacing an old rotten bank, and has been much built up and strengthened over the years.
The buildings you will find on your left, now used by Newham Council as part of their outdoor education centre, were the first premises of May & Butcher Ltd. Arthur Butcher, a shipwright, set up a workshop on the seawall. Joined by Mr May the company spread to the fields behind, constructing prefabricated wooden buildings. After WW1 the company bought and sold army surplus equipment, including tents and huts.

In 1920 May & Butcher began to bring in ships to be broken up. In WW2 wooden sections for aircraft were built and after the war minesweepers were brought in to be repaired or broken. The firm remained in business until the 1980s, manufacturing wooden shuttering used in bridge construction as well as their traditional gates and agricultural buildings.
Look over the seawall to your right and you will see the remains of their wharf, the concrete base for a derrick and, if the tide is low, the remains of the last minesweeper to be broken up.

Continue your walk past the playing field towards Millbeach, or perhaps turn back to find refreshment in the tea room, one of the two pubs or the kiosk on the canal side.

The Tea Rooms

Cross back over the lock gates and walk along the sea wall. Ahead, the Lock tea room has served as cafe and yacht stores over the years. Previously it was a private house, Pembury, one of the bungalows brought from HMS Osea in the 1920s.

Houses have existed on this odd spit of land since 1811. In 1852 when the ground was sold one of the buildings was described as a broken and decayd vessel which had been fitted up a dwelling house. Later”Aunt Diney” lived in an old cottage dubbed Rat Hall by the villagers. Pembury and Rat Hall are pictured on this 1930s postcard.

The Lock House

The Lock House was built in 1842 to house the lock keeper. Apart from a short period in the late 19th century when shipping declined, and the lock keeper David Clements lived for a while in the closed Chelmer Brig, it has continued to serve this purpose.