Four Days left to help to seek Heybridge Basin’s own council

For those wanting to give a response to Maldon District Council in regards to Heybridge Basin being granted as it’s own Parish and Council we have provided a link to the Maldon District Website topic.

It is largely up to the village residents to demonstrate that you would or wouldn’t want to continue to seek your own council.

Replies are due by 14th December so don’t delay if you have an opinion and email:

Maldon Council Document can be found here:

Community Governance Review for Heybridge Basin – Terms Of Reference And Local Consultation

The District Council is carrying out a Community Governance Review for Heybridge Basin. The area involved forms the Basin Ward of the Parish of Heybridge.

This follows a petition from local residents seeking to establish a separate Parish for that area and for it to be served by a separate Parish Council (instead of Heybridge Parish Council).

The Review is a public consultation providing an opportunity for local people and other stakeholders to give a view.  The Review will not only look at what the petition seeks to create but will also take into account the implications of any change on the existing electoral and administrative arrangements.

The Terms of Reference document for the Review on which the local consultations are based has been published here and can be inspected at the offices of the Maldon District Council at Princes Road, Maldon and at the offices of Heybridge Parish Council at Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, Heybridge.