The Toll Gate

For 12 years in the early 1800s a gate blocked the entrance to the Basin Road and tolls were charged.

The gate had been erected by James Moffat Brook who lived at Saltcote Hall and claimed rights over the land. Tolls were collected by Mr Keys who leased the gate and cottage from James Brook.

In 1837 the owners of the Marine Salt Company objected to the tolls and their workmen sawed off the lock and opened the road to the public. Mr Brook took the Salt Company to court but lost his case.

The gate was never reinstated so feel free to carry on.


  • Foot passenger 1d
  • Horse 2d
  • Post chaise or carriage 2s
  • One-horse chaise or gig 6d
  • Donkey and cart 3d
  • Beasts per score 1s
  • Sheep and hogs 6d